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And so I completed day one of my couch to 5K amidst rain, mud and humidity. I cranked some tunes, rocked a new interval app that roared when I was done with the running and thundered when I should start. So tomorrow I strive for some walking and sculpting work as I strive to recreate this magic on Thursday. Even though my lungs were burning, my legs screeching and my knees creaking it felt really good. The same good that I get from gardening and canning. Here is too a long summer full of these moments and less creaks.


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So tomorrow marks day one of my couch to 5k program and day one of my 5 days a week exercise unless death or dismemberment befalls me vow. I make no promises in how this will look or guarantees that I will be perfect, but I do know that when I look back on when I was feeling my healthiest it was when I was running. So this summer will add running to eating healthy fresh and local produce.

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Pictured below is a picture of one of my favorite go to dishes for dinner or brunch: Farmers Quiche. Essentially, it is a giant omelette fully loaded with whatever toppings make you happy. I adapted it from the plaid standard, Better Homes & Gardens. I start with some frozen shredded potatoes, shredded my own potatoes, and used tatertots , which I think are my favorite, and put them into a 9×13 baking dish. Cook up some toppings, bacon, Swiss chard, ham, sausage, onions, mushrooms, peppers, diced tomatoes, etc. Put the cooked toppings over the potatoes. Sprinkle about a cup of shredded cheese (whatever kind you like) then take a dozen eggs, beat them with some milk, salt and pepper. Pour it over the top of the casserole and bake uncovered in a 350 degree oven for 55 minutes or until firm and bubbly. Makes about 12 servings and at about 6 WW Points per serving it is a great dinner served with a salad and can become a great way to start the day in the morning. As clearly shown in my photo ( apparently the directions wait I have to take a picture fell in deaf ears) my family couldn’t wait to dig in. I haven’t tried it with egg whites replacing some of the whole eggs, but I imagine that would also be delicious!! Enjoy!!


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This was our dinner tonight. Tomato sauce with spinach poured into a pan followed by some indentations for eggs and some microplaned cheddar. Baked at three fifty for 20 minutes and served over pasta or in a bowl with some lettuce. 5 WW points made with our local eggs and gluten free!! I meant to take a picture right out of the oven but was so hungry I forgot!! Happy Cooking!!


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Ok so I bought stevia. I need an occasional sweetener that is not going to widen my hips. I am morally opposed to Aspartame and all of it’s cousins. So I found this at my local healthfood store and would love feedback from anyone who has tried it. I will always favor maple syrup and honey but tonight I tried some stevia in my apple cider vinegar drink ( a tale for a different day) and it was quite good and I don’t feel like I sucked on a test tube full of chemicals. Thoughts?


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