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And so I completed day one of my couch to 5K amidst rain, mud and humidity. I cranked some tunes, rocked a new interval app that roared when I was done with the running and thundered when I should start. So tomorrow I strive for some walking and sculpting work as I strive to recreate this magic on Thursday. Even though my lungs were burning, my legs screeching and my knees creaking it felt really good. The same good that I get from gardening and canning. Here is too a long summer full of these moments and less creaks.


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So tomorrow marks day one of my couch to 5k program and day one of my 5 days a week exercise unless death or dismemberment befalls me vow. I make no promises in how this will look or guarantees that I will be perfect, but I do know that when I look back on when I was feeling my healthiest it was when I was running. So this summer will add running to eating healthy fresh and local produce.

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Pictured below is a picture of one of my favorite go to dishes for dinner or brunch: Farmers Quiche. Essentially, it is a giant omelette fully loaded with whatever toppings make you happy. I adapted it from the plaid standard, Better Homes & Gardens. I start with some frozen shredded potatoes, shredded my own potatoes, and used tatertots , which I think are my favorite, and put them into a 9×13 baking dish. Cook up some toppings, bacon, Swiss chard, ham, sausage, onions, mushrooms, peppers, diced tomatoes, etc. Put the cooked toppings over the potatoes. Sprinkle about a cup of shredded cheese (whatever kind you like) then take a dozen eggs, beat them with some milk, salt and pepper. Pour it over the top of the casserole and bake uncovered in a 350 degree oven for 55 minutes or until firm and bubbly. Makes about 12 servings and at about 6 WW Points per serving it is a great dinner served with a salad and can become a great way to start the day in the morning. As clearly shown in my photo ( apparently the directions wait I have to take a picture fell in deaf ears) my family couldn’t wait to dig in. I haven’t tried it with egg whites replacing some of the whole eggs, but I imagine that would also be delicious!! Enjoy!!


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This was our dinner tonight. Tomato sauce with spinach poured into a pan followed by some indentations for eggs and some microplaned cheddar. Baked at three fifty for 20 minutes and served over pasta or in a bowl with some lettuce. 5 WW points made with our local eggs and gluten free!! I meant to take a picture right out of the oven but was so hungry I forgot!! Happy Cooking!!


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Ok so I bought stevia. I need an occasional sweetener that is not going to widen my hips. I am morally opposed to Aspartame and all of it’s cousins. So I found this at my local healthfood store and would love feedback from anyone who has tried it. I will always favor maple syrup and honey but tonight I tried some stevia in my apple cider vinegar drink ( a tale for a different day) and it was quite good and I don’t feel like I sucked on a test tube full of chemicals. Thoughts?


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I am what you might call “pleasantly plump” .    This is something that I have coped with for the better part of my life.

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At some point you learn that your happiness is not linked to weight, you need to love yourself before you can lose weight, and yaddayaddayadda, you know the rest.    I have been successful at weight loss before by making exercise a priority, by counting points through Weight Watchers, drinking a lake’s worth of water, finding my inner chi with green tea and by eating a lot of 100 calorie snacks and frozen healthy choice dinners.   Back then I was single, worked a swing shift (which meant time for exercise in the morning without beating the sun to the punch line), and had no clue about the whole food and/or local food movement.   So, here I am 6 years, one husband, one child, one normal 9-5 job later, wanting nothing to do with ingredients I cannot pronounce or food that looks and tastes like cardboard.  I get the concept that local and organic do not always mean healthy.  An egg is an egg.   Butter is still full of fat.  Alas, the organic cow does not produce fat free milk.  However, if any of you fellow homesteaders and or farmers out there have found out how to raise a fat free cow, I will take it.    The moral of my story is that I often run into a great internal conflict between my weight loss goals and my localvore eating goals.  I know what you are about to say:  There are lots of healthy eating options in the local/organic world.   Yes, I make my own vegetable soup.   Yes, I eat apples and bananas (I know not local but they are one of my guilty pleasures).   Sometimes, though, gosh darn it, I want bacon.   I want a chocolate brownie that doesn’t have a horrible hair-raising aftertaste .   Have I also mentioned that I am gluten intolerant and thus lead a gluten free  lifestyle?   Yes, it is true, and I can tell you that low fat, gluten free and tasty do not often intersect.   So I find myself at this crossroads and asking what would my ancestors do?  Well, weight was not an issue.  Why you ask?  If they didn’t make it they didn’t eat it.  There was no supply of chips or cookies in the pantry.  Ice cream and butter had to be churned by hand.    Also, their daily routine mirrored the $100 dollar boot camp classes we pay for today.  There was not a lot of spare time for feeding your face with brownies while you were making clothes for your family to wear.  So my new focus for weight loss success will be a combination of my homesteading love and Weight Watcher’s point counting.    I will have a feed to my Weight Watcher’s log on this blog, which I will begin using as my daily confessional.  Some will be short and sweet and some long and tedious.  In the meantime here  is my Top Ten List of a  Modern Day Homesteaders Tips for Weight Loss:

10.  If it doesn’t require preparation or come directly from nature, you cannot put it in your mouth.  Convenience for  this farmgirl  means little to no self-control.

9. Become a GFree artisan.  There must be whole grain, low fat Gfree recipes out there.  Find them.  Make them.  Enjoy Them. Lose Weight.

8.  The obsession with being “crafty” and making everything yourself can be your escape.  One cannot cram a brownie sundae into your mouth while trying to craft handmade gifts and decorations for the holiday season.

7.  People managed to get around for thousands of years before the invention of the wheel.  You have two feet.  Use them.

6.  Enjoy the good stuff: in moderation.   There are plenty of options that will meet your organic/local needs without overdoing it.  A touch of maple syrup or honey goes a long way.   Dark Chocolate is God’s gift to the lifelong dieter. The Laughing Cow cheeses seem to have easily pronounced and limited ingredients.   If you have the points left over, Ice Cream and Wine should always be enjoyed.

5.  If you have your own chickens, you have a lot of eggs.   Egg whites can be your hero.    Egg yolks can be frozen and used later in a “good stuff” recipe from number 6.

4.  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  Make it worthwhile.  Visit number 6.

3.  Keep track.   In this age of excess if you don’t, you will overeat.   So, if you bite it, you write it.

2.  Portion control.  This may have been innate for our ancestors, but not so much for us.  Measure and weigh.

1.  If you are hungry eat.  When you are full stop.  The women of old did not have the luxery of eating in front of a TV or with the Iphone on their hip.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  It is your only real link to a simpler time.  As it turns out we have not physically evolved all the much.  Munching on Frito’s and playing words with friends does not a mindful food experience make.

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