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I lead an interesting life. Not in a I am more interesting than you kind of way, just interesting, blessed, and full. I traveled the world when I was young and got to see places through the eyes of a kid with little responsibility and full of idealistic hope and big dreams. I have been in love, had my heart broken, and met the person who I cannot imagine life without. I have a big family that have helped shape the person who I am today and who continue to play a major rule in my life. I have had a variety of jobs in the food industry, in healthcare and education all of which have introduced me to some of the most interesting characters in the world. I can say I have worked at a dude ranch and a refugee camp. I was even the bomb pop girl at a fun park. Yup, BOMB POP GIRL. I have dined with doctors and chefs and even call many of them friends. I have been smacked in the face with series crisis’ that I thought I would never overcome, and yet emerged all the better for it. I now live by the motto God will never give you more than you can handle. Even on the days when I firmly believe that curling up in my flannel jammies, with a bottle of wine and a good book should be my career, I recite that motto and find a way through. I have changed my personal definition of family. I have friends who are really my sisters even though we may not talk as often as we should or see each other as often as we could. Yes, Bridget and Kate I am referring to you. Just knowing you are there makes me a better person because you are amazing women who I am so blessed to know and love. And yes I need to call and visit more. I have great friends doing amazing things all around the world and great friends doing amazing things right down the road. My home has served as a rally point for victims of fire and my fire as served as the rally point for friends and family in celebration. Our spare bedroom has served as a home to friends and loved ones in need. My daughter has an extended group of people she knows to be part of her family and who in the event of an emergency she could go to and I would know she would be safe. As I look at the Amish culture who just add on to their homes to make room for the extended family ( fear not I love pants, buttons and pop culture to much to adopt that lifestyle) or the age of Little House on the Prairie when big and even extended families cozied up into a one room house I think I understand the real heart of homesteading. It’s about surrounding yourself with people you love and filling your home and hearth with love and laughter and wholesome delicious food. As a approach the next chapter of my life as a wife, mother, Localvore in training who wants to be a physicians assistant, farmer, writer and politician, my home and hearth will always be open, coffee will always be on, an extra bed will always be ready and our family will always have room for one more.


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