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So I approach the end of the day feeling all that surge of Holiday Cheer and Christmas Spirit that others talk about this time of year. Granted this feeling may be fueled by a large amount of coffee and delirium from lack of sleep, but nonetheless I am feeling pretty happy this holiday!! This weekend I got nearly all my presents wrapped ( except for those I have yet to purchase), got all the cookies baked, started getting the house prepped for the barrage of holiday entertaining, shipped the out of town gifts and mailed all the Christmas cards. Sure you could argue that waiting until the last minute to do all of these things is not really a great accomplishment in holiday planning, and you would be right. However, today I watched Rudolph with my daughter and snuggled by the fire. She helped me wrap presents and decorate cookies and consequently herself so I go into this week knowing that I will be burning the candle at both ends but these moments of holiday fun make it all worth while!!!




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