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If you are one of those people who know maple syrup as the sticky thin stuff found in bottles featuring girls with braids or in the shape of a jolly looking grandmother, than you are missing out on North America’s Nectar of the Gods, pure Maple Syrup direct from the tree to the table.   And by “direct” I mean sap tapped from a tree, put through a rigorous and long boiling process to find it’s way onto my pancakes.  My yogurt.  My oatmeal.   Into my baked goods.  Into my tea and coffee.  Onto roasted carrots.  Into a glaze for bacon wrapped scallops and salmon.  Into a marinade for steak and chicken..well you get the picture.  In this house there is nothing a bottle of magical Maple Syrup cannot do.   It is worth EVERY PENNY.  Especially for this Farmgirl who has cut out all refined white sugar.   Without this gem of a sweetener I would be a very, very, very, sad and irrationally irritable panda.    The best thing about living in Vermont is that generally thinking you or someone you know will either produce or be related to someone who does produce this amazing sticky sweet goodness.  So whether you get your syrup fix from Vermont, NY, Maine, Canada or anywhere else that has the climate and the fauna for Maple production, if you have not tried the authentic product, there is no better time then the present.


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