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Phew, this is embarrassing.  Yes it is been over two weeks since last I posted.   What I would consider typical JP behavior has reared it’s ugly head yet again.  This is what happens.  I let work and commitment overrun my life.  I suddenly find that if I am not working, I am thinking about work, homework, housework, whether or not a remembered to pay a bill, thank you notes that sit on my coffee table waiting to be written and sent.  I envision the fire and brimstone rising from the center of the earth, tipping the whole planet on it’s axis causing worldwide devastation and destruction because I didn’t get it all done…then, I realize that I have taking my ridiculousness to a whole new extreme.    Generally speaking when I get stuck in this refrigerator swamp of my own making I tend to lose sight of the things I love.  Cooking, reading, knitting, crafting and of course writing in my blog.   So what I do when I get this wound for sound?   Take some quiet time.  For the last 4 days I enjoyed time with my daughter.  Time outside.  I made cooked beans from scratch in my crock pot that became dinner on Saturday and were a great addition to yesterday’s pot o’chili.  I made gluten free cornbread from scratch.   I shredded about 3 tons of superfluous paper that were cluttering my filing cabinet and my soul.   I made a WW 1 point meringue based chocolate chip cookie recipe that was to die for.  I read about 6 back issues of Rachael, Martha, Oprah and Real Simple.   I knitted.   I played Mario Galaxy.   I slow cooked a teryaki  pork roast while Gfree bread baked in the machine.   I slept and I drank wine.   I helped my husband bury another girly who had been henpecked within an inch of her life.   I rubbed cornstarch into another girlies injured talon (not really as much fun as it sounds).     I watched the uninterrupted, directors cut of the The Abyss curled up in my bed.  And tonight, I write.  What I realized over the last 4 days is that I love my job, but to keep myself sane, I have to keep in touch with the things I love outside of the office.   I have to make time to be creative whether it be in the kitchen, in my writing or adopting my homesteading lifestyle.    So here I am back on the air, still wondering when I might get those coupons organized or thank you notes written, but no longer concerned that my desire to put me time before some of these other things will lead to world wide destruction.


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