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So it was just two days ago that I was complaining about how busy I have been for the last three weeks and how much I wished I could return to the petticoat and Pantaloon days of yesteryear, blah, blah, blah, blah.   I am suspecting some cheese in the mail any day now to accompany my seemingly never ending supply of whine.    Yet here I am today, quite possibly never happier to be here in the 21st Century.  Well, except for maybe the day I gave birth to my daughter and got an epidural, but that’s a tale for a different day.      Nonetheless, this weekend I have fully discovered, explored and become slightly addicted to Pinterest.

If you have not discovered this amazingly decadent, extraordinarily useful, and completely addicting website/tool than now is the time.    DIY Projects, Books to read, Delicious recipes all right at your fingertips.    It’s pretty simple.  You find something you like you “pin it”.   The pin gives credit to the original site and when you click on the pin it takes you straight there, opening up a whole new world of interesting and amazing blogs, websites and businesses that I might have never known existed from just visiting Google.   You can follow people and visit all of their pins and even re-pin to your board.     You need to decorate on a budget?  Pinterest it.   You are looking for a good book to read?  Pinterest it.   You have finally decided this will REALLLY be the year you make all homemade gifts?  Pinterest it.    The site is still new, but once you start I promise, you will not be able to start.    Creating a visual journal is something I have been working on to help me have a hard copy of inspiration to look back on in my dullest of moments.  Pinterest, gives me a digital version of that to keep track of all the most interesting and fun things I find when perusing the world wide web.   So in essence, I will once again be complaining about lack of time, because having found this amazing new and fun site, I realize I need at least a year off to do nothing but craft, cook, landscape, garden, raise animals and read.    Well, a girl can dream an count pins to sleep!!  Happy Pinning.

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