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Brown RiceOn behalf of the gluten free community at large I feel that I must say…REALLY?  REALLY FDA?  REALLY EPA?  REALLY Organic  food producers.    So in case you haven’t heard, they have published a new study essentially saying that some brown rice, brown rice syrup and any products containing these things have unsafe levels of arsenic.   So if you are out of the loop, check out this story on Arsenic-Organics-Rice from ABC.    Historically, I hear a story like this and think “Eh, something is going to get me anyway. ”  Salt, Eggs, Plastic.  Most recently, wheat.   What is the number one substitute for wheat?  You guessed it…rice.  Most recently in fact, I switched from using white rice flour to brown rice flour in an effort to BE HEALTHIER.   Turns out that was perhaps not a great choice.   So here I sit wondering what actually IS safe for me to eat?   Should I even be all that worried for myself at this point?   Might I end up looking like the kids from Flowers in the Attic?    I don’t really know the answers to any of these questions but I do know this:  These kinds of studies just re-energize my commitment to eating whole, local and fresh foods.   As for everything else it really is kind of a crap shoot.   That is not to say I am going to run right out and by some rice formula for a baby, but for myself, I am quite certain that a bagel made of rice flour will still pass these lips and I am not about to alter the best gluten free baking mix ever for my sweet baked treats.   I will do some more in-depth research, but so far, the brown rice I buy, Bob’s Red Mill, has not been implicated in the arsenic explosion.  So at the end of the day, the lesson learned here is one we try to live by: Know what you eat and where it comes from.  Followed closely by: Something is going to get me.  I am happy to be informed and hope we continue to get this level of transparency when it comes to our food source, but am not going to sound the alarms and change my whole life.   Any other gfree folks or avid rice eaters?  Please share your thoughts or suggestions.  Happy Eating, Shopping and Ingredient reading.


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